Tech Talent South (TTS) is a Charlotte-based coding bootcamp dedicated to fostering talent in technology throughout the southeast United States and aid the region in evolving its high-tech hubs. To make this dream a reality, TTS has launched campuses in high-growth technology cities including Charlotte, Atlanta, Raleigh, Asheville, New Orleans, DallasSan Antonio, HartfordWilmington, Winston-Salem, and Columbus. These campuses are in the heart of each of their respective tech communities and provide students with amazing opportunities to make connections in the local tech scenes.

TTS truly values community and fostering a strong ecosystem through dynamic and collaborative educational and networking events that bring local startup/tech companies and local professionals together. TTS students are able to immerse themselves in the community, fostering lasting personal and career related relationships with the best people in the community.

Our coding courses feature the most practical and widely used languages, as well as Ruby on Rails (ROR), an insanely popular Internet application framework. ROR has been utilized in creating tools for some of our favorite applications like Hulu and Twitter. Students also learn HTML/CSS and interactivity-enhancing JavaScript to create websites with superior web experience. The Full Time Code Immersion Class meets four mornings a week and includes office hours with instructors. The Part Time class meets two nights a week and is perfect for those currently working Full Time.


Betsy Richard

Tech Talent South’s story begins in the not so southern city of Chicago when Betsy Hauser Idilbi hailing from Charlotte, NC, and Atlanta, GA native, Richard Simms meet at a coding bootcamp. Betsy had just merged her Charlotte-based physical product development company and was ready for her next adventure, while Richard was riding the entrepreneurial roller coaster working with a Chicago-based early stage tech startup. Both Betsy and Richard reached a point where learning to code proved to be the next best step.

Determined to empower themselves through coding, the two enrolled in programming classes in Chicago. As the only two southerners, Betsy and Richard became fast friends through their shared passion for startups and all things tech. Seeing the tremendous positive impact of "coding bootcamps" through developing more tech talent and empowering entrepreneurs in places like California and New York, the two couldn't help but ask "Why the heck don't these opportunities exist in the South?" The rest is history. Betsy and Richard set out on a mission to bring tech education back home and to fuel growth and innovation in the South.

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