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Frequently Asked


Do I need to have tech or programming experience to be eligible for TTS courses or to excel in the courses?

Nope! Our courses are beginner-focused. Know where your files live? How to get on the internet and share a GIF? Quick on the keyboard? You’re basically good to go! We start with coding basics and go from there. No previous experience or expertise required. We would recommend that you are familiar with your computer and operating system’s navigation however. Also, leading up to your program start date, take the pre-course work seriously to ensure you’re ready to hit the ground running!

What are you looking for in an ideal student for one of your programs?

At Tech Talent South, we aren’t concerned with extensive resumes, where you went to school, or if you even went at all. We want students who are passionate, persistent, and ready to work hard to do something awesome with technology. With the right attitude, anyone can learn to code!

I don’t live near one of your locations, could I still enroll in your program?

Absolutely. We welcome students from all over the country and even all over the world. Our code immersion courses last 8 weeks, and while we don’t provide housing, we are happy to help accepted students find short-term housing in the area.Also, be sure to check out our remote tutoring options, available to anyone, no matter the location!

Do you offer any payment options for your programs? (Payment Options)

We recognize that our program is a big investment for your future, and we certainly want to help all of our accepted applicants reach their goals. We have three payment options:

  1. Pay off your balance prior to the start of class and receive a discount of $675 (Full-time Code Immersion), $475 (Part-time Code Immersion), or an equivalent amount for all other courses (10%).*
  2. Pay off your balance in four installments and receive a discount of $340 (Full-time Code Immersion), $240 (Part-time Code Immersion), or an equivalent amount for all other courses (5%).First installment due at time of enrollment. Remaining payments beginning on the first day of your class.*
  3. Pay off your balance in 12 scheduled installments at cost (1 invoice due each month for 12 months, starting the month your class begins). First installment due at time of enrollment. Remaining payments beginning on the first day of your class. *

We also have a limited number of partial scholarships available for our courses. Drop us a line or reach out to the community organizer in your respective TTS campus for more information on the available partial scholarships, or apply for a partial scholarship here!

* Scholarship recipients must acquire approval from TTS admissions to enter into payment plans that offer discounted rates.

Do you have any scholarships for women?

Yes! We do have partial scholarships available for women looking to join our program. As a code school with a female co-founder, we are passionate about bringing women into the tech workforce! You can apply for our partial Women in Tech Scholarships here.

Do you have any scholarships for underrepresented populations in tech?

Yes! We do have partial scholarships available for underrepresented populations in tech. You can apply for our partial Diversity and Veteran Scholarship here.

Do I need a computer to participate in one of the TTS programs? If so, do I need a specific kind of computer?

Yes, you do need a fully functioning, reliable computer! You will be creating applications that would best live on your own personal computer. There are also nightly homework assignments that you’ll need a computer to complete.Though we are PC friendly, we encourage students to bring Mac laptops. Chromebooks can be combined with Cloud9 (an online environment) to perform all class functions, but tablets are not recommended. If your laptop is on the older side or has questionable functionality, please check with us and we’ll make sure you’re good to go!

What is a typical day during the TTS course look like?

A typical day at Tech Talent South is broken up in to three parts:

  • Class Time: In class you’ll be taught by an instructor, who will lead you through our curriculum in a workshop like manner. As a student you will be following along with the instructor, who will be walking you through code on a particular project, answering questions, and actively engaging in the creation of the project you are working on. In addition you’ll also participate in different classroom challenges and paired programming activities. At the end of each class you will be assigned homework that compliments the topics you covered in the day’s class.
  • Office Hours: This time is used for students to do homework together/collaborate on class projects, have one-on-one time with the instructor, etc. While this time is optional students are encouraged to attend!
  • Breakout Sessions: Outside of class and office hours you’ll have the opportunity to attend one of our breakout sessions, which can include, but are not limited to: company tours, guest speakers, networking events, meetups, and labs.

Information on our full-time Code Immersion:

  • Classroom Hours: 8am-11am.
  • Office hours are from 11am-12:30pm.

Information on our part-time Code Immersion:

  • Classroom Hours: 6pm-9pm.
  • Office hours are from 5pm-6pm.

How does TTS help its students connect with the local tech scene?

On top of our core curriculum, we offer guest speakers, company tours, and various networking events. We’ve designed these breakout sessions to immerse you in the local community, introduce you to the amazing people in your city, and help build the tech communities in each of our southern tech hubs. We want you shaking hands with knowledgeable and successful people.

We bring in guest speakers who could speak about anything from additional topics like PhoneGap that may not always be discussed at length during classroom hours, their experience as a developer or in the tech scene, or any advice on how to venture forth with your new skills.

As for company tours, we feel it’s important our students get to walk through different work environments, processes, and cultures. The companies we tour can range in smaller startups to much more established companies so students can start to gauge where they could see themselves after the program.

What are the primary differences between the part-time and full-time programs?

Our two options for our Code Immersion program generally cover the same core topics. Where the two sessions differ is the amount of time dedicated to those topics, and in-class activities.

The part-time program is exactly half the classroom hours of the full-time program, and is held at night, two days a week. Because of the time constraint, topics are not covered as deeply as they would be in full-time. Likewise, part-time students are expected to complete more work outside of class. If you are looking to expand your skill set for a current job, or speak more effectively with your technology team, then part-time is for you.

If you are all in and are really looking to fully immerse yourself in the world of code, we recommend our full-time session. The full-time course is held in the mornings, four days a week. The greater flexibility in time allows for deeper exploration of concepts and allows students more time to work on hands-on, collaborative projects in class. The part-time class is more limited in this regard. Although apps are built in class, classroom time is more strictly devoted to completing the curriculum.

All of your programs look great! Which one should I start with?

If you are brand new to coding and development we highly recommend you start with our Code Immersion program. The Code Immersion course offers a great foundation in programming and web development using core languages like HTML, CSS, and Ruby. The core concepts you’ll learn with these languages act as a springboard to take your development skills in many different directions. It’s a great base for any route you want to take with code.

Undergrad, Grad School, or Bootcamp?

For people considering a more traditional Computer Science degree, either undergraduate or graduate, that’s great! We understand Tech Talent South’s Code Immersion program is different on many levels from those CS programs and encourage you to do your research in determining the right track for you!

I want to give one of your courses or services as a gift. Is that possible?

You better believe it! In fact we have gift cards available in several different amounts. Check them out here!

Kids Code:

Does my child need a computer to participate in one of your camps?

Yes. We prefer students to bring their own laptops to class. If you do not have a computer available for use, please contact us at info@techtalentsouth.com and we may be able to arrange a loaner. We work off of a cloud-based development platform for the kids’ camps and will not need to install any new software. We do not recommend tablets as a substitute for a computer.

What will my child take away from the Kids Code?

The goal of Kids Code is to expose children to what is possible with technology and to the web's most fundamental tools and programming languages. You should expect your child to leave with some basic coding skills, a new way of looking at the world and more importantly a sense of excitement and a hunger to learn more!

Why should my child (or myself!) attend one of your programs?

Because the world is changing, and technology is playing an increasingly important role in almost every organization or business out there. Whether you intend for your child to build out a new skill set in tech or not, early exposure to these skills and a fundamental understanding of how computers and the web work can make a world of difference. Additionally, the truth is most educational institutions simply aren't teaching these fun and practical skills. Computer programming makes you think in a whole new way about how to solve problems and how to build businesses. Many of today's most successful tech entrepreneurs cite early exposure and access to computer programming as a major reason for their success later in life.

Where are the Kids Code sessions held?

We hold our free Kids Code at each of our locations in coworking spaces, local makerspaces, and awesome tech companies in the area! We want to make sure that we surround our students with not only awesome new skills but also awesome new people, companies, and ideas.