Precourse Work

Complete your precourse and hit the ground running!

Please take our pre-course work seriously. By enrolling in Tech Talent South's Code Immersion Program and by initialing in your welcome packet, you agree to complete the outlined pre-course work below in order to be best prepared for the start of class.

Honestly, we don't want your head spinning any more than it needs to be on day 1! At the same time, if you're a little confused when going through this stuff, don't stress. That is why our class exists! These resources will help get you up to speed on some common programming terminology and concepts and allow us to really hit the ground running as a class. However, if you don’t at least attempt to complete the pre-work you will be behind on day 1. Be prepared to talk about one challenge or concept you struggled with.



Chris Pine - Learn to Program - 2nd Edition

This book offers a great introduction to programming with Ruby, which is one of the main topics we'll be covering. We recommend completing the entire book, but please plan on completing chapters 1 through 10. If you are having trouble running your programs locally, this site is a great alternative to help you work through Ruby sample problems from the book. You can purchase the book here, or you can look at free older verions online here.

Build a Website with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap on Codecademy

Codecademy’s interactive lessons will get you ready for the jump from Ruby to Ruby on Rails. It will walk you through how to build static websites using plain HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. These tools are the foundation to building a great website and web application.








For extra practice before the class begins, here are some other resources you can sink your teeth into:

Ruby on Rails Tutorial on Treehouse

You can go through this tutorial to start familiarizing yourself with Ruby on Rails. Treehouse has a 30-day free trial you can take advantage of. Treehouse also has a number of Ruby Tutorials and HTML/CSS Tutorials which you may find helpful in supplementing the Chris Pine Book. Again, digging into these tutorials is optional, but encouraged.

Extra Ruby Practice on Codecademy

Practice makes perfect, and Codecademy’s free Ruby tutorial makes for great practice. Work your way through Unit 6, after completing Chris Pine’s Learn to Program book.